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Group coaching to support you as you grow and maintain your teacher instagram account

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Ready to transform your teacher Instagram account into a powerful tool that attracts your ideal audience?

Using Instagram doesn't have to leave you feeling frustrated and alone. It is possible to develop an effective strategy that is easy to maintain and that actually leads to sales. Even better? You don't need thousands and thousands of followers in order to do it.


Instagram is the perfect tool to establish your brand and grow a loyal following full of customers or clients that actually want what you have to offer. There are actual strategies you can implement and proven methods you can try that will help you connect with other teachers, talk about the products, resources, services, and ideas you have to share, and not take up hours of your time.

This membership isn't like other memberships. There aren't hundreds of topics to sort through, detailed tasks to complete, hours of videos to watch, or increased costs every year. We're keeping it simple: you, your goals, our expert coaching, and a price you can afford.

Here's what you get when you join:

  • enrollment in an exclusive Facebook group where you can ask questions, make new friends, view live coaching calls, and find support in reaching your goals
  • monthly content focused on the theme for the month
  • one complete course that takes you through a signature framework for establishing your brand and using Instagram effectively

The monthly content includes:

  • a detailed workbook to help you set goals, track data, reflect on your growth, and make plans for the month
  • live coaching calls with expert strategies, technical tips, and Q&A to help you make your Instagram account work for you

Joining the membership also gives you instant access to an entire library of previous coaching calls so you can find advice on the topics you're wondering about. This library is valued at over $600, but joining the membership lets you view the content at no extra cost.

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Basic Girl Teaches
Basic Girl Teaches

Showing up on Instagram can be overwhelming and complicated. You're trying to figure out how to connect with your audience and you're trying to post regularly, but it isn't quite working out as smoothly as you want to. How are you supposed to figure out all of the details by yourself? Good news - the Teacher Instagram School from Basic Girl Teaches is here to help.

The teachergram community can feel like an over-saturated space, but we know that there is room for you on Instagram and we know that the world needs what you have to offer! Our goal is to help you use your teacher Instagram account as an effective tool for your business or brand, no matter how long you've been on Instagram or how many followers you have.

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